The Daftar Story

Born out of a primal desire to touch, feel, and understand materials coupled with fervent passion to emote through our craft, Daftar brings you furniture of impeccable quality and profound aesthetic pleasure. A house of design where we—thoroughly blend skilled craftsmanship and material honesty, seamlessly fuse modern and traditional techniques, after diligently exploring different philosophies that challenge the confines of contemporary design to tell a story through each piece.

We aim to amplify physical, physiological and psychological wellbeing through delicate spatial enhancements as they have a direct influence on our behavior or mood. Our furniture enhances a sense of freedom having a positive and welcoming impact on the users creating a pleasant indoor climate that elevates and inspires.

The Daftar approach to design.

Our pursuit of excellence in woodcraft begins with embracing the philosophy that comprehensive brilliance is achieved through diligent regard to every constituent. Beginning with carefully handpicked materials, the generationally passed down knowledge of manipulating them, the unbounded creative exploration of the form, the skilled hands that craft each piece —each step is executed in ritualistic harmony with flawless attention to detail to produce handcrafted furniture rich in aesthetic and exceptional in quality.

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